June 18 2015      T -2

Half of the team assembled today. Mats and Robert picked up Jayson and Brage at LAX. There had to be some reorganizing of the truck in order to fit everything for the short trip to Oceanside. Some great teamwork made it happen fast, bodes well for the coming adventure. It took about 2h to get to Oceanside and when there we went to get our race package so we could start to figure out what we need to do to get ready for inspection at 11 am tomorrow. 

Starving, we all went to have lunch before heading to the hotel. Checked in and got the truck unloaded. Next, putting stickers on the follow vehicle. Quite a few to put on but we got the hang of it pretty fast and the last ones actually looked good (we are still proud of the first ones though).

We needed to pick up some bike gear and headed to an REI store about 20 minutes south of Oceanside. We also picked up some bike maintenance and cleaning supplies that will come in handy during our trip.

Back to the hotel where Jayson had stayed behind to start figuring out bike, helmet and shoe markings, and also to start going through the route book. Bikes got taped up with reflective tape as did shoes. Numbers on helmets and bikes where applied at varied success.

Robert and Mats did some work on the webpage and Facebook page.

Tomorrow - marking up the RV, inspection, racer and crew chief meetings. Shopping for food. Cleaning and lubing of bikes. Getting the whole team together for the first time! Should be exciting!!!'

All stickers applied!

All stickers applied!