3030 miles, 4 bikers, 4 crew, 54 time stations, 325 turns

- This is gonna be a blast!!


Biking 3000 miles across might seem like a weird thing to do, but we are all, bikers and crew, very excited about this race. We think it will be an adventure of a lifetime and to see the country at an average speed of 16 mph will be a very different way to travel. We are bound to run into problems but part of the excitement is to solve those problems and get us to Annapolis.



about team fortiotva

Race across America (RAAM) is a bike race starting in Oceanside CA to Annapolis MD. The race started in 1982 with 4 racers. It has now grown to  fill in info   We are going to race in the 4 person category. Our plan is to divide us up 2 and 2 and do 10 hour shifts, making the day 20 hours so that we all get to ride at all times of the day during the 7-8 days it will take us to bike across the country. The 10 hours not biking will be spent on bike maintenance, food prep and sleep. There will be one follow vehicle and one RV that will act as our home during the race. The follow van is required to drive behind the racer between 7pm and 7 am every night. During the day it will be in leapfrog support mode. Not having done anything close to something like RAAM before there is a lot of unknowns. We picked 16 mph as a goal for average speed on our journey to Annapolis. If we go faster or slower doesn't really matter, we are all in it for the adventure. However, an average of 16 mph represents a time around 7 days and 20 hours and that will have us arriving in Annapolis around 11 am sunday morning.


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This 7 year old girl called Lilly (form Mora) has probably done more for the the children affected by the earthquake in Nepal, than you and I will do during our whole lifetime. Lilly sells bracelet and every single penny goes to the people of Nepal. 

A year ago when we started planing for the Race Across America, no one could have forseen the suffering the people in Nepal would go through this year. So therefore we felt it would be nice to help Lilly spred her charity ambitions while we bikes across America.

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