Who :  Robert Zetterlund

What :  

Why :  Absolutely NOT midlife crisis

When :  Now

Where :  USA


Favorite Movie :   The Matrix

Favorite Movie scene :  When Zeb Macahan threw someone out the window

Favorite Book :   The Alchemist


Favorite Kind of music:   Everything

Favorite Band :   Larz-Kristerz


Favorite Team :   Leksands IF

Favorite Word :   

Least Favorite Word :   Impossible


Likes :   Irma and Milton

Don't  like :  Dishonesty

Who would play you in a movie :  Thorsten Flink


Claim to Fame :   my international drivers license 

What people don't know about me :   Better gunslinger than Jörgen Bertals

What I think others think or say about me :   Ask them!


Gear :    Lepierre FDJ 250