Who : Me

What :  RAAM

Why :  The adventure, and because its there

When : If before noon PST june 20, 2015: soon, very soon. If after , NOW!

Where : 


Favorite Movie :  Bladerunner

Favorite Movie scene :   2, Roy Battys "Like Tears in Rain" death speech, and Ed Harris as Gene Kranz in Apollo 13 "Failure is NOT an option"

Favorite Book : 2, Into Thin Air and Neuromancer


Favorite Kind of music :  Metal

Favorite Band :  Metallica


Favorite Team : FörtioTvå

Favorite Word :  

Least Favorite Word :  (phrase) "I can't do it" and "I give up"


Likes :

Don't  like : 

Who would play you in a movie :


Claim to Fame :  

What people don't know about me :  lots!

What I think others think or say about me : WTF is that?


Gear : Orbea Urdu, Ridley Noah